Gas and Heating Faq's
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Q.  What is a heating survey?

A.  Our Gas-Safe registered advisor will call at your convenience and inspect your system.  He will inform you of your options, take measurements where necessary, please note access to loft area may be necessary in some cases.  Our advisors carry any necessary equipment needed, i.e. ladders and torches, to aid minimum disruption to you the customer.

Q.  What do I need to tell Winsford Heating about my current system?

A.  If you are replacing a boiler, of part of the heating system, we need to be made aware of any faults with your previous system.  For example, any ongoing leaks or repairs.

Q.  How long will the installation take?

A.  This very much depends on the system, and no two are ever identical, but generally, if we replace a combi-boiler for another then this could be done in a day.  If the work is more extensive, it could take longer, and provision should be made for any disruption.  We always aim to install as quick as practicable but occasionally there are unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays.  We will give you an estimate before work commences. 

Q.  Do I need to move anything prior to an installation?

A. The installer will treat your home with great respect, and will cover your carpets with dust sheets where needed and will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.  Where necessary the engineer will advise of clearing of areas before work commences.


On larger installations, you may be without heat or hot water for a day or more, we try to keep this to a minimum but it may be worth making some provisions.  Summer is always a good time for installations as not having heat/ hot water for a day or two is not as noticeable.  An electric shower runs independantly from your gas heating and hot water so this is an advantage.


After we install your new boiler / system or appliances our engineer will explain how they work.  If you are still unsure please ask again as he will be only too happy to explain again.  We only install the latest products for your convenience and comfort and all are user friendly.


Q.  How long will it take to service my boiler/ fire etc?

A.  It usually takes around 30-60 minutes per appliance.

Q.  What does a service mean?

A.  A service is a general cleaning of the appliance, gas checks and visual checks to ensure safe operation, and a service can save up to 16% on energy bills!

Q.  What is not included on a service?

A.  The cost of replacing any parts or faults not involved in a service.

Q.  What if you find a fault?

A.  If we find a serious fault, with your permission, we would repair if possible or make safe by disconnecting.

Q.  How often do appliances require servicing?

A.  Gas-Safe register, who now deal with gas registration and issues, that was formerly run by corgi, recommends that all gas appliances are serviced annually.  Landlords are required by law to have a gas check on any property that is tenanted.

Q.  Do I need to do anything before a service?

A.  All we ask is that any areas we need access to are clear, e.g. gas meters / boiler areas / fire areas etc.  Please move any ornaments etc from around or near an appliance to be serviced.

Q.  Will there be any mess?

A. Our engineers will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum and will treat your home with respect.


Q.  Do I need an engineer?

A.  Sometimes it is simple things that stop your boiler working.  Check the following;  Has your pre-pay meter run out, i.e. you may need to top up?  Have you turned the room thermostat up?  Has the pilot light gone out?  Are heating controls on constant?  If you have tried all of the above you may require an engineer so contact us.

Q. Do I need a new boiler or appliance?

A.  Our engineers will only give you the best advise, if we can fix it we will.  If we cannot source your parts, usually due to the age of the appliance, we will offer alternative options.

Q.  What is and is not covered by the call-out charge?

A.  The call out charge cover the engineers’ time for one hour.  In this time we will endeavour to fix the boiler or appliance.  The callout charge does not cover parts.  If a part is required the engineer will quote a price and any additional labour costs.  We will only proceed on your say so at your convenience.  If we stock a universal part we will fit it there and then. 

Q.  Can I source my own part?

A.  Yes.  It’s your appliance!  Please be aware we will charge for our time for fitting or if the wrong part has been ordered and we cannot fit.